Take any of these five words with you wherever you go. They’re sure to make you smile or laugh but beware, some personal quotes will leave you with more questions than answers! Curated by faculty, staff, guests and your fellow peers.

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Congratulations Katie Noble So Proud!

Tracie Noble, Mom, Guest

Congratulations Kenna Bartlett! So proud!

Mom Bartlett, Guest

Thanks Thanks Thanks Thank Queens

Dr. Olivier Rinfret, MECH ‘21

Proud of you, Ben Hackett!!!

Linda Cameron, Guest

Well done Isabelle Rovazzi. Congratulations!

The Caturay’s in Windsor, Guest

Hard work always yields success!

Mr. Remy Boulianne, Guest

Till The Cows Come Home

Mitchell Brennan, MECH ‘21

Congratulations! We are beyond proud!

Dan & Patti Morton, Guest

Anya Catherine Jacksteit awesome degree!!!

Peter & Renate Ebner, GEOE ‘21

Parlons peu, mais parlons bien.

Laurent Karim Béland, Faculty

You get what you give!

Ghani Oldadipupo Lawal, ELEC ‘21

Play nice and work hard!

Michael Fader, MECH ‘21

Only failures fertilize success trees!

AmirHossein Sojoodi, Guest

Only quantity leads to quality!

AmirHossein Sojoodi, Guest

Don’t mind what others say!

AmirHossein Sojoodi, Guest

Go forth! Change the World!

Denise & Dave Hughes, Guest

It is what it is

Jared Mason, CIVL ‘21

Always pause to celebrate milestones!

Lori Monaghan, Guest

“What we think we become”

Michael Wells, Guest

Am I audible to everyone!?

Manudeep Pendurthi, MECH ‘21

In darkness, be the light

Jodie Plummer, Guest

Simplify life. No word salads.

Brett Plummer, ENPH ‘21

The little engine, that could!

Jacquie Brown, Program Assistant, Staff

Country roads, take me home!

Evan Arsenault, MTHE ‘21

Pablo Is A Frenetic Penguin

Pablo Backyardigan, CIVL ‘21

My only interest is flowers

Vanessa Bloome, Guest

Can everyone see my screen?

Declan Rowett, CMPE ‘21

Miners, mind the mined minerals

Arik Jeffrey Alehandro Collins, MINE ‘21

Never stop mining your potential

Yuhou Hu, MINE ‘21

Let curiosity and ingenuity prevail!

Joshua Marshall, Associate Professor and Interim Director @ Ingenuity Labs, Faculty

Plan your path and succeed!

Lori Matthews, Guest

Be proud and stay curious!

Rebecca White, Sci ’01, CEO Engineers of Tomorrow, Alumna

Go solve the big problems!

Phil Sager, Partner – Bain & Company, Alumnus

Now go change the world

Chad E Lue Choy, Guest

Be proud of this day!

Gage Benyon, Stewardship & Annual Giving Officer, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

You’re Gonna Go Far Kid!

Christina, Engineering Society, Guest

Queen’s Makes Exceedingly Good Engineers!

Kate Minor, Manager, Office of the Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Trust me, Victory loves preparation!

Jaswin Kaur, MASc Research Student, CMPE ‘21

One, Two, Three, Four, Congrats!

David Yokom, Director, Innovative Educational Initiatives, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

What we think, we become!

Micheline Johnston, Program Advisor, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Go forth and fix everything!

Matt Shepherd, Director of Marketing and Communications , Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

You are more than enough.

Kendy Sandy, Events and Recruitment Coordinator, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science